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The Black Mountain trail

A route along the old paths connecting the seaside towns of Llançà and Port de la Selva with Cadaqués, bordered by dry stone walls and slabs that still preserve the memory of passing carts

From La Llana to the fortress of Sant Ferran

Carrer Magre and Plaça de la Llana are full of pavement cafés and restaurants. They mark a border between the new town and the old city that passes through the unknown Jewish quarter, which originated...

Shaped by the hand of man and the north wind

Even if it is not administratively recognised as such, the Empordà region is a united entity. When far from home, the people of Figueres, Palafrugell and L’Escala recognise themselves as Empordà people....


With lockdown over, there are plenty of great destinations to explore in Catalonia this summer

Festivals without a date

The Covid-19 crisis has left the schedule of summer festivals up in the air. At this time, the promoters do not know if the events can be held or under what conditions, and some have already decided to cancel this year’s editions

Back to art

Six art professionals discuss the first works they want to rediscover when we leave lockdown behind

The Illusion of Singular Greatness

Once again, Great Britain has become the focus of attention for much of the global press and once again the world has looked on in shock. In 2016, Europeans across the continent could not believe that...


What is wrong with this scene?Excited children playing together in a Barcelona street, their parents standing nearby watching, chatting, smiling.Of course, only a few months ago, there was everything natural,...

How the pandemic is MAGNIFYING Spain’s failures

The coronavirus pandemic has shocked the world as few events in recent times have done, let alone the financial crisis of 2007-2008. The world economy has effectively been brought to a halt, with supply-chains...


You can rely on Ovid

When people say Netflix, they are often referring in general to the range of online platforms streaming films and TV series, and such services came into their own during the lockdown. In our house, the...