News from El Punt Avui

Little local joy on football’s return

The presenter of El Punt Avui’s The Week in Football, Barney Griffiths, runs the rule over Catalonia’s leading football clubs as they returned to action in June

Black lives matter in Barcelona

Unlike the UK or USA, one of the more visible ways that many Europeans are used to seeing black people is at work as street sellers, especially during summer in the bigger cities. These are the so-called...

The Catalan Bonsai

A common trait among hierarchical societies is the purposeful infantilisation of servants. Slaves, housemaids and wives are treated as mentally deficient, denied any education beyond the most basic and...

Girona’s ’hidden’ nooks and crannies

More than 2,000 plane trees make up Girona’s Devesa park, which occupies 40 hectares and is the largest urban park in Catalonia. The mass of foliage can be seen from just about any high point in the...

Romanesque, between plains, hills and water

The Pla de Martís extends to the north of the Pla de l’Estany like a tapestry of all shades of green, and the whole plain is connected by an extensive network of paths and trails that run between fields...

J.M. Sert and the City of Saints

Vic has become an essential place to visit to get to know the work of Josep M Sert, one of the most outstanding mural painters of the 20th century. Vic pays homage to him with this itinerary that allows...

A walk among the world’s trees

The Arborètum de Queixans, in Fontanals de Cerdanya, is an extensive botanical garden that brings together more than 120 different species of trees fromm all over the globe

Remembering the route of the old railroad

The Iron and Coal Route consists of 12 kilometres of paved-over former railway that allows cyclists to discover more about the history of Ripollès

Making the most of La Garrotxa

Garrotxa’s tourism office has presented a group of 44 proposals for experiences to enjoy all year round in the popular land of volcanoes

The footprint left by feudal lords

Within just a few kilometres, the Empordanet gives us a broad lesson in medievalism. The feudal lords who left their mark on this land, the Cruïlles, the Sarriera, the Foixà, the Peratallada, the counts...