Study into effects of pollution on babies

A new research project coordinated by the Institute of Global Health of Barcelona (ISGlobal) aims to test how air pollution affects children before and after birth. The researchers involved in the study...


United States looks to hold President Trump in check

The absolute power currently wielded by the Republican Party in the US, and therefore by President Donald Trump, is to become history if the current polls are correct, with the Democrats set to regain...

Will Barça lead group for 12th time in a Row?

Back to the Champions League, Messi is back, and Barça are in Milan tonight for their second match against Inter. With a victory Barça can confirm the top spot in their group for the 12th year in a row....

MEPs Want to Watch Trial

A group of MEPs meets with political prisoners

Bové condemns the lack of guarantees in the judicial process against Catalan independence

Bennasar’s New Spy Novel Hits the Shelves

“Hotel Metropole” is set in Lisbon in the context of the cultural cold war, it is the latest work of fiction of prolific writer Sebastià Bennasar.Born in Palma, Mallorca in 1976, this novelist, essayist,...

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