Man who threatened to kill Sánchez worked at the CTTI

Manuel Murillo Sánchez, who has been in custody since September accused of planning an attempt on the life of Spanish prime minister, Pedro Sánchez, until the end of last year worked at the Catalan government’s...

The government against Lesmes

Catalan executive to officially demand Spain’s Attorney General investigate Supreme Court head over mortgage u-turn


In denial, as his country bleeds

It’s only been two weeks since the synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh, and the United States is now dealing with another gun attack, this time in California, with 12 dead in a shooting by an ex-marine....

PSOE moves to ban Franco idolatry in public

Yesterday, the Spanish government took further steps with regards to the exhumation and subsequent reburial of the remains of Francisco Franco, to ensure that “the remains of a dictator will not be allowed...

Focus on Energy Poverty

Town councils and non-governmental energy stakeholders urge government to write-off energy debts of most vulnerable citizens