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Wildfires continue to ravage California

Three wildfires continue to rage in California. The largest, dubbed “Camp Fire”, has claimed 23 lives, whilst over 100 people remain unaccounted for. Butte County Sheriff, Kory Honea, said yesterday...


200,000 people attend far right march in Warsaw

Poland celebrated the centenary of the return of its independence yesterday, whilst divisions are running high in the country. Warsaw mayor Hanna Grontkiewicz banned a far-right wing march planned for...

Shock as Barça lose to Betis at the Nou Camp

The return of Leo Messi post-injury was not enough to stop a brilliant display by Real Betis, at the Nou Camp last night. Barcelona lost 3-4, despite two goals from Messi and another from Arturo Vidal....


Municipalities united against legal prostitution

Legalising prostitution is legalising inequality, according to a network of over 100 Catalan municipalities, represented yesterday by female mayors and councillors, who spoke out about prostitution and...

Budget: Lesser of two evils


Iglesias and Colau appeal to PDeCAT and ERC to approve next year’s Spanish budget, to avoid elections which could hand power to PP, Ciudadanos and Vox