Together in love, life and art

“L’equilibri possible” at the Montserrat Museum explores the shared (and individual) worlds of Albert Ràfols Casamada (1923-2009) and Maria Girona (1923-2015) who, from their meeting in 1945 onwards...


Two Palestinians killed in air attack on northern Gaza

Two Palestinians died in northern Gaza yesterday because of an Israeli air attack. The attack was a retaliation against the 80 rockets launched against Israel, which left a dozen people injured (one person...


Sexist gifts at women’s race criticized

Participants at Sunday’s Cursa de la Dona, in which this year a record 34,000 women took to the streets of Barcelona, have expressed their indignation online about the sexist gifts they received. As...

Public service strike called

More than 250,000 employees called to strike on December 12

There will also be stoppages in the fields of healthcare and education


Guardia Civil accused of illegal detention

Three agents of the Guardia Civil have been summoned to give statements before a judge, following an alleged illegal detention, during the referendum on self-determination last year. Lawyers for a man...