Citizens called on to improve their digital security

The Generalitat is promoting a new campaign to raise awareness about internet security and get people to use the internet more safely. It promotes the adoption of “healthy” internet practices, since...


The Sommeliers win the Miquel Martí i Pol prize

With a musical rendition of Joan Margarit’s poem “La llibertat”, the vocal group the Sommeliers were, awarded the Miquel Martí i Pol prize on Tuesday. The prize was given in the eleventh edition...


Oct 1 violence put down to “police techniques”

An inspector and a police officer charged for their violence during the referendum at the Dolors Montserdà school in Barcelona admitted yesterday that among other things they punched a girl in the face...


Ex-Duke asks to leave prison while appeal is handled

Iñaki Urdangarin has presented an appeal to the constitutional court to get his five-year-and-ten-month prison sentence annulled. The sentence was imposed by the Supreme Court in relation to the Nóos...

Mas: trial just a “settling of scores”

Former Catalan president and other accused fined €4.9 million over 9-N; denounce component of “revenge”