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Twelve dead in California music festival shooting

Sixty kilometres from Los Angeles,at the Borderline Bar in Thousand Oaks, an ex-marine killed 11 people, who were enjoying a country music festival which traditionally attracts university students, last...

Mortgagors to pay less

Mortgage holders to pay 260m less per year in Catalonia, where 70,000 mortgages are registered per year

Stamp duty is 8.7% of banks’ profits over 9 months

Catalan women’s roller hockey teams go for EU Cup

The Catalan roller hockey teams Manlleu, Voltregà and Generali Palau will all play on Saturday in the European women’s league. Their aim? To reach the quarter finals and battle for the winning spot....


5-Day Strike called by Catalan doctors’ union

Primary care doctors will be striking from November 26 to 30. The Catalan doctors union called this strike yesterday due to the “extremely critical” situation of these healthcare workers. Among other...


Hodeida battle escalates humanitarian crisis

The battle for the port city Hodeida in Yemen has intensified, with frequent bombings by government forces supported by the coalition led by Saudi Arabia. Air raids and the ground attack on the outskirts...