Autonomy talks between Torra, PSC and Comuns reveal divide

“Not much in common, and indicative of a great divide.” This would seem to sum up the conclusions of the meeting held yesterday between the parliamentary groups of Junts per Catalunya, ERC, PSC and...

More resignations hit May cabinet

The British Prime Minister loses two cabinet ministers, but retains support from key euro-sceptic allies


Juncker fuels speculation about his health

Jean-Claude Juncker left a question-and-answer session suddenly without explanation yesterday, further fuelling speculation across social media about the European president’s health. His spokesperson...

Middle east t

Israeli bombs seen from a Gazan ambulance

The 12th Arab & Mediterranean Film Festival continues today at the Filmoteca de Catalunya, and this evening will see the showing of Ambulanse (2014), presented by director, Mohammed Jabaly, at 6pm. In...


Cambodia: Life in prison for Khmer Rouge leaders

As a UN-supported tribunal wrapped up in Cambodia, the country took one more step towards leaving its darkest time behind for good. The only two Khmer Rouge leaders who remain alive, Nuon Chea, 92, and...