Montsant - Fonts. LLIBRERIA GAUDÍ

Above business, activism

Gaudí is more than just a bookshop. Since its founding in 1965, it has played an active role in fostering Catalan culture and the anti-Franco struggle

Anna Nicolau. LES VOLTES

Culture as a tool to make a country

Les Voltes continues its commitment to Catalan culture, as it did during the times of Franco

Mariana Sarrias. BYRON LLIBRERIA,

A broad concept with space to relax

One of the latest bookstores to open in Barcelona, Byron offers a wide range of literature, events, local cuisine, exchange and reading club, and even has a fireplace

“America hails return of beer”

The “dry era” was not yet completely over – only 19 states and Washington DC had proclaimed liquor legal – but the “great thirst”, as this newspaper branded it, was about to be legally quenched...

History and fun

Roses Tour Familiar is a new tourist proposal designed to show off the main attractions of the Costa Brava town through games for the whole family