Anna Nicolau. LES VOLTES

Culture as a tool to make a country

Les Voltes continues its commitment to Catalan culture, as it did during the times of Franco

Mariana Sarrias. BYRON LLIBRERIA,

A broad concept with space to relax

One of the latest bookstores to open in Barcelona, Byron offers a wide range of literature, events, local cuisine, exchange and reading club, and even has a fireplace

“America hails return of beer”

The “dry era” was not yet completely over – only 19 states and Washington DC had proclaimed liquor legal – but the “great thirst”, as this newspaper branded it, was about to be legally quenched...

History and fun

Roses Tour Familiar is a new tourist proposal designed to show off the main attractions of the Costa Brava town through games for the whole family

European Super League shambles

Led by Real Madrid president Florentino Pérez, a handful of Europe’s top clubs announced a breakaway Super League in April. Presenter of El Punt Avui’s The Week in Football Barney Griffiths takes a look at how they got it so wrong