Rediscovering that cinema feeling

Steven Spielberg, Daniel Craig, Frances McDormand and Tom Cruise are some of the attractions to bring the public back to cinemas severely affected by Covid-19

Machiavellian lessons

The Prince, Machiavelli’s most famous book, is still today an endless source of political insights. Chapter VI, for instance, provides a succinct outline of one of Catalan independence’s main obstacles:...


The long view

Apart from baldness and a bad back, one thing that comes with age is a sense of perspective. Looking back shows us that the life-changing decision that kept us from sleeping wasn’t such a big deal after...

Long-term resident

Went to see the Gipsy

I’m as useless at predicting election results as I am at riding a bicycle, so this article, with its mid-January deadline, will avoid speculation about the Catalan elections to be held on February 14th,...

David Cassà

“Every month we bill a little less”

NO WORK FOR EVERYONE “I’ve driven around Barcelona for over four hours without anyone stopping me”