Catalans Abroad

Grau Agustí
Guayaquil (Ecuador)

Life in the tropics

Grau Agustí and his Ecuatorian wife headed to her country in search of opportunity nearly two years ago.

Ramon Querol
Gold Coast (Australia)

A Catalan in Paradise

Ramon Querol researched many countries before deciding to settle in Australia

Josep Ligorred Perramon
Merida (Mexico)

Catalan heart, Mayan soul

Josep Ligorred Perramon is from Osona. He moved to Yucatán, Mexico, 27 years ago to work in the promotion and conservation of the Mayan heritage

Èric Viladrich
Quebec (Canada)

A Catalan ambassador in Quebec

Èric Viladrich is from Olius, Lleida. In 2004, he moved to Quebec and got a master in IT. In 2007, he created the Catalan Studies department at the Montreal University. He is also the president of the Casal Català del Quebec.

Carles Pérez Padró
Lima (Peru)

Loving the Andes

Carles Pérez Padró He is from Molins de Rei, and works as a personal trainer in Lima, Peru. He loves the ancient cultures of the Andes, and travels a lot.

Carles Garcia
San Juan (Puerto Rico)

It's always sunny in San Juan

Albert Garcia is from Barcelona. He has worked for an import/export company in Puerto Rico since 1995 and sends fruit all over the world

Carles vendrell
Victoria (Canada)

Victoria: cold but beautiful

Carles Vendrell arrived in Victoria 10 years ago to spend a week or two. He is still there, working as manager of a big hotel. He is married to a local and has two daughters.

Warsaw (Poland)

Warsaw: a major European capital

Gabriel Mirbet is from Tarragona and moved to Poland following a job offer from a former collegue. He’s married and has two children: a boy and a girl.

Xavier Garcia
Perth (Australia)

A Catalan in Perth, Australia

Xavier Garcia is a cardiologist who has lived with his wife and two children in Perth, Australia, since 2004. He visits Barcelona often, but is happy to be an adopted Aussie.

Marta Prats
Lillehammer (Norway)

Lillehammer: cold city, warm people

Marta Prats is from Barcelona, and 10 years ago married a Norwegian. Since then they have lived in Lillehammer with their two children, and their dog.