Catalans Abroad

OctoberFest seen from the Ferris Wheel.  ARNAU NAVARRO
Arnau Navarro

Ten years and not counting

Why did you leave Catalonia?In 1996 I went to Germany to learn the language, I found a job and they offered to pay for my studies as well. The plan was to stay a for year and I have been here now for 10.Why...

Isaac Zamora

Japanese delight

Isaac Zamora i Sitjà is from Badalona. He has lived in Japan for twelve years with his wife and children, a 10-year-old daughter and a six-year-old son

Georgina Llull

In Dublin's fair city

Georgina Llull is from Sant Cugat del Vallès. She has been living in Dublin since 2004

Carme Díaz

West meets East

Carme Díaz is from Alcarràs. She met her husband in Dublin. The couple moved to Vietnam and finally they settled in Shanghai, where their son was born.

Ramon Casaramona
Miquel Casaramona

Under an African sky

Why did you leave Catalonia?I had an offer to come here to manage the bar and restaurant in a hotel owned by a Catalan and with the economic situation of most European countries, especially in Spain, the...

Nagoya University Campus - Wikipedia
Aina Oliver
Nagoya University

Nagoya is beautiful

Why did you leave Catalonia?Visiting new places and meeting new people is one of my passions. My family loves to travel too, and we used to spend every holiday abroad from the time I was a little child....

Sergi Marzabal
Sergi Marzabal
Mexico DF

No expiry date

Why did you leave Catalonia?My wife was offered the opportunity to move to Mexico. We had already lived three years in Dublin, so living abroad was nothing new to us and we like to know about new cultures....

Pere Agustí
Tallinn (Estonia)

Tallinn, the Baltic cruise hub

Pere Agustí is 38 years old, and is from Sabadell. Since 2005, he has lived in the capital of Estonia. He works for a cruise line that carries tourists from all over the world.

Albert Garcia Adell
Sao Paulo (Brazil)

The pearl of the Atlantic

Albert Garcia Adell is from Barcelona. Twelve years ago he went to Brazil to teach at a local university. He's now a professor there and has no plans to return.

Marta Sánchez Blasco
Vancouver (Canada)

Rain, glorious rain!

MARTA Sánchez Blasco moved from Catalonia to Vancouver in 2000.