Catalans Abroad

Maria Miguel Cuadra
Managment company

“They think differently”

Why did you leave Catalonia?My main reason for leaving Catalonia was the challenge posed by the language. With my diplomatic studies finished, I didn’t feel like an expert in the German language; I needed...

Eva J. Daussà
Professor of linguistics at the University of Groningen

”The place chose me”

Why did you leave Catalonia?I was starting my doctorate, and at that time (early 1990s) there were very few opportunities to get funding to do it in Catalonia, so I applied for a scholarship to continue...

Maria Hernández Reig.
Guide to the Sovtintendenza Archeologica di Roma and the Municipal Museums of Rome

The art history mecca

Why did you leave Catalonia?I was young and eager to see the world. At that time I was studying art history at the Central University of Barcelona and especially during baroque art lessons I found no meaning...

Albert Grañó & Aurèlia Marsal
Albert is a consultant. Aurèlia works in a Montessori school

In the heart of Europe

Why did you leave Catalonia?We were looking for better job opportunities and we decided to look abroad. I’d already lived in Italy for four years and we love to travel and discover new cultures. At that...

Eva Bosch
Painter, writer and video maker

A refuge from repression

Why did you leave Catalonia?It was October 1973, Franco was in power and repression was alive everywhere in the country. Picasso had died in April that same year and it felt like an indication that it...

Ruth Foust

In the land of the free

Why did you leave Catalonia?I left to start a new life with my then fiancé. He was from California and asked me to move there so he could finish college, and to be close to his family and friends.How...

Anna Jofre Vilanova
Works in a multionational company and occasionally as a translator

Holland’s New York

Why did you leave Catalonia?I went to live in Holland for love. At the same time, I felt I needed to get out of Girona and get to know other cultures.Why did you choose Rotterdam?Rotterdam is my husband’s...

Isabel Batlle Rocha.

A land of opportunity

Why did you leave Catalonia?We left Catalonia twice. The first time was in 2008, and we did it because we thought that our kids should get to know and learn about my husband’s culture. My husband is...

Mariona Mateu Carles
Musician from Sant Genís

A land of music lovers

Why did you leave Catalonia?When I was about to finish my music degree I knew I wanted to continue studying. Since I really wanted to try to get in a school with a higher level and I could only find this...

Bàrbara Roviró
Teacher Educator for Foreign Language

A land of opportunity

Why did you leave Catalonia?After years of attending the German School in Madrid, and later in Barcelona, and learning German, the opportunity to study in Germany appeared logical and corresponded perfectly...