Spirit of resistance

The contrast of such a heroic city so bowed in submission to the church surprises an American documentalist

Marooned in a small grey country

The Kindness of Women is an autobiographical fiction based on James G. Ballard's life from when, still a child, he was interned in Lunghua camp in Shanghai, by the Japanese during World War II, through to the 1980s when he finally writes his novel Empire of the Sun about that inferno that Steven Spielberg turned into a film in 1987

Books of the month recommended by linguae

J.K. Rowling


On Vulgar Errors

If I were to tell you that, according to Jorge Luís Borges, the best prose writer in the English language of all time was Sir Thomas Browne, it would no doubt surprise many, seeing as his name hardly...

Roman grandeur

A renowned American hispanicist is treated to a guided tour of Sagunt's newly restored Roman Theatre

The city of water and stone where I was born

In the most intense five days of her life to that point, as Catalonia's revolution of July 1936 explodes, a 22-year-old Helen changes from being a visiting journalist to become a committed radical

By the book in 2017

Jaume Cabré is top among the most anticipated releases for the first part of the year, with Rafel Nadal, Sílvia Soler, Ian McEwan, Jean Echenoz and Yasmina Reza

Land of the Moor

A motoring voyager incites as much curiosity for her journey as she has herself for the city of Vinaròs

Echoes of modernity

A book reflects on the influence of Hollywood movies in the lifestyle and in the change of attitudes of women in the twenties and thirties

Going to bed with the Devil

The next of our profiles on English-language novels set in Catalonia is Jessica's Cornwell first novel, and the first of a trilogy – the second part is due out in 2017 – which creates a world that is rooted in medieval alchemy, including coded documents and witch-hunts, and is interwoven with a series of murders committed in modern Barcelona