Close to the truth

This collection of fourteen tales set in Barcelona is one of a long-lasting O.U.P. series: Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam and Lisbon, among several others, precede it. The collections are aimed at giving cultural tourists a literary background to the cities. They are tales for holiday-makers, readable in snatches

A new world in their hearts

This short novel is like a series of hammer blows. Arranged in five notebooks, each notebook ordered in numbered paragraphs, with every paragraph starting ‘And’ to drive the narrative forward, the book strikes the reader with force, pace and a clear stream of prose

The mother of all KITCHENS

Joan Roca publishes ‘Cuina mare’, a recipe book celebrating traditional cooking and values

Feminine voices

A new book compiles a hundred interviews with female voices, including Mavis Staples, Patti Smith, Andrea Motis and Rosalía

Portrayals of WOMEN

An avalanche of new offerings are filling bookshops with works that use the graphic image to reaffirm feminist discourse from a critical and uninhibited perspective

Àngels Cabré
Head of the Cultural Observatory of Gender and writer

“It’s harder for women writers”

Some six years ago, the writer Àngels Cabré decided it was time to set up the Cultural Observatory of Gender in order to condemn “the invisibility” and “under-representation” of women in the arts sector

Them too

At the time of writing, six out of the ten best-selling works of fiction in Catalan are the work of women writers; and of those six, four are originals by Catalan language authors, two of whom, - Marta...

The literature of Barcelona

This is a book about books, books in Catalan and in Castilian (and a few in French and English) from or about Barcelona. It is more, too: Mike Gonzalez tells the city’s history through its books and explains the city’s literature with reference to its history

A chocolate book

Jordi Roca publishes Casa Cacao, a journey to the origins of the exotic and ancient fruit, and the prelude to the Roca family’s new food project in Girona, where chocolate will play the leading role


Elizabeth Costello is that very rare thing: a commercially successful writer of fiction from Australia – the far end of the world that has typically given very little attention (or much else) to people...