History and fun

Roses Tour Familiar is a new tourist proposal designed to show off the main attractions of the Costa Brava town through games for the whole family


Aware that 60% of the tourists who visit Catalonia do so as a family, in the past few years, the town of Roses has a series of initiatives and projects aimed at providing the municipality with the necessary tools to meet the needs of family tourism. One of them, which was recently launched, is the Roses Family Tour, a new activity that combines the town’s historic heritage and main points of interest with entertainment designed for children and the whole family. It’s a fun excuse to take the children to visit iconic sites in Roses, such as La Ciutadella, the Trinitat castle, the church of Santa Maria, the fishing port, the lighthouse, the local farmers’ market, the cannon on the Passeig Marítim and the Plaça de la Pau.

“The activity aims to combine four important aspects: the promotion of heritage, diverse offers for the whole family, encouraging physical activity, and adapting to the current circumstances, which advise doing activities as individuals or in small groups,” says Montse Mindan, mayor and the local council’s head of tourism “For the moment, people are enjoying the proposal. We started it in March and we’ve received a very good response from the locals. In a time of restrictions because of the pandemic, it’s an opportunity to get to better know the place where you live,” she adds.

The activity, which can be done throughout the year, is free and available in different languages. It is designed as a game for children up to 12 years old. Accompanied by an adult, they are challenged to seek out 10 points of interest in Roses by following some clues. When they arrive at the indicated place, they must look for the identification plate to be able to stamp the pictogram on their corresponding sheet. When they have them all, they can collect a well-earned reward at the Roses tourist office.

All those interested in playing the Roses Discovery Tour game have 10 days to complete the route before they can pick up their gift. For more information, go to:

The fishing port
One of the most emblematic places in Roses, it is also one of the most important ports in Catalonia. The local tourist office organises regular guided tours of the fishing port and the fish auction throughout the year.
The church of Santa Maria
Located in the centre of Roses, it still has the apse, the transept and the dome of the old building that was consecrated in 1796. The rest of the nave, the side chapels and the façade are neoclassical, and date back to 1853.
Family tourism is the protagonist
Through the initiative Platja en Família, the Catalan Tourism Agency accredited Roses as a destination for family tourism in 2011. Indeed, Roses is ideal for families with children, as there are great entertainment facilities, street shows, and adapted beaches.
The Trinitat castle
Declared a Cultural Asset of National Interest, it is a great example of a coastal artillery fortress from the 16th century. Popularly known as Poncella castle or El Botó de Roses, it offers amazing views of the bay and has been open to the public since 2011.
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