Reflecting on the future at Macba

“We think we are in the present, but the truth is tomorrow is here, and everything that surrounds us and that we do now is creating tomorrow’s future.” This is the premise of the exhibition ‘Al descobert o d’amagat’, at the Macba gallery until March 17, a project by the Raqs Media Collective, a group of artists and curators. The group’s co-founder, Monica Narula, says the project uses art to reflect on possible futures, which will depend on how we construct the future today. With works from some 30 artists, including three members of Raqs on display on Macba’s facade, the exhibition is a reflection of the group’s interests, which include such themes as connectivity and time, and the intersection of art, historical research and philosophical speculation.

The artists whose work is in the exhibition include Rosa Barba, Jeamin Cha, Hassan Khan, Joe Nishizawa, Cristina Lucas, Dillion Marsh and Santiago Ramon y Cajal.

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