Plane crash in Java Sea kills 189 people

An Indonesian passenger plane crashed near Jakarta on Monday on a short flight from Tangerang to Pankal Pinang. Lion Air flight JT 610 went down just 13 minutes into its flight, crashing into the sea with 189 people on board. A team of 250 rescuers have spent the day searching in the Java Sea using boats, helicopters and underwater robots. However, the main site of the wreck has yet to be located. Some bodies have been recovered.

The flight requested to return to the airport at Tangerang only minutes after taking off, however, the air traffic controllers lost contact with the plane before it could turn back. The CEO of Lion Air said that the plane itself was brand new, with only 800 hours of flight time. Lion Air is Indonesia’s popular low-cost airline and the Boeing 737 Max 8 was purchased by the company in August. Some 20 government officials were among the passengers.

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