Jordi Oliva - Martí Micas - Noemí Riudor

“Little research has been done on death in the French camps”

In this interview, the Catalan historians responsible for compiling a list of 1,685 people who died in French internment camps between 1939 and 1940 provide some insight into their findings

Almenar,. Bram Camp,
29-01-1908. 23-05-1939

Antoni Rubinat Susagna

At home everyone called him Ton. He was born in Almenar on January 29, 1908, in Cal Torero, but a few years later his family moved to the Antius textile community (Callús, Bages), where Maria, the youngest...

Olvan,. Montreal,
30/06/1887 -. 17/10/1939

Ramon Fígols Costa

Rosa Serra Salmauri, a resident of Gironella (Berguedà), who died of natural causes in the Sant Josep de Puig-Reig Residence at the beginning of 2020, held on to the letters that her aunt Maria Salmauri...

Garriguella,. - Perpignan,
19.09.1937. 17.06.1939

Roser Guàrdia Gabarrós

Roser was born to Pere Guàrdia Orts and Lluïsa Gabarrós Mauri. The father, mobilised with the republican army, had been wounded and taken prisoner in Foradada, La Noguera. After hearing nothing about...

1,685 names

The discovery of the lists published in the Official State Gazette, La Vanguardia Española, El Socialista and the better known one in the cemetery of Setfonts has allowed for the cross-referencing of...

Beyond exile suffering and death in French internment camps (1939-1940)

Recent research by a team of Catalan historians has led to the compilation of a list of some 1,685 people who died in French internment camps between 1939 and 1940 following the Civil War, a key contribution to the study of the period

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