Lluís Agustí
professor at the UB’s faculty of information and audiovisual media

Readings on the phone against the pandemic

THE POWER OF READING “Nine months after offering his voice, he still reads over the phone, but now only on Sundays”

Michael Berenguer

“Locking down with the elderly at the home was the right thing”

FLOWERING EMPATHY “Confining ourselves has helped us to put ourselves in the shoes of other colleagues”

Mertixell Riba

“We were overwhelmed and didn’t even have enough material”

THE HARDEST THING “You take the hand of someone you barely know to try to make up for the lack of their family, even though that is irreplaceable”

Laia Turon

“I cried a lot and I’m afraid all this will come back, but I would do it again”

ON WAKING UP “They asked why their relatives were not coming. How do you tell them that there’s a global pandemic and that everyone is at home?”

The year of the pandemic

Last year a life-changing pandemic spread around the world. Here, people from all walks of life recount their personal Covid stories